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Events & Reunions

All Old Bristolians, whether a member of the Society or not, are warmly welcome to join us at any of our events which are posted on this section.

If you are organising an event that may be of interest to Old Bristolians' community or have information to share with them, please e-mail and we will endeavour to feature your submission.

This includes events such as year-group Reunions, which the Society actively encourages and for which help from the Office is available.

Upcoming events

The Old Bristolians Society Annual Dinner - Saturday 17 March 2018 - booking page now open!

London Dinner - Wednesday 25 April 2018 - booking page now open!

Class of 2017 Reunion Lunch - Wednesday 12 September 2018

For more information about any of the events or to book direct please contact Anna here:   

If you missed our School Carol Service this year - here it is.....

London Drinks 2017

London drinks last night, we hope you all had a good time. Happy Christmas.



Nearly 50 years ago, a boy from Downend used to attend morning assembly at BGS Lower School in the hall at the bottom end of the school drive now known as The Mackay. That Downend boy went on to become Bishop of Kensington and something of an authority on Martin Luther. A BGS schoolfriend from those days went on to become the secretary of the Bristol Anglo-German Society (BAGS). 

In the 500th year since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Schlosskirche in Wittenberg, it therefore seems very apt for BAGS to be
bringing the Downend boy back to that hall at BGS to speak - on 7th April - about a man on whom he has written several publications, with a new book on the way.

After BGS, where he did German, French and English at A-Level, Graham Tomlin (the Bishop) went on to study first English and later theology at Oxford, to which he returned subsequently as a lecturer at Wycliffe Hall and also chaplain of Jesus College.

The full details of his CV and his talk on Luther and the start of the Reformation, plus details on how to book your place, can be found on this Eventbrite page:

It would be great if some of those currently at BGS were able to attend, plus indeed any OBs that might remember Graham from the 1970s.

For any pupils/students there is a discount of £2 on the modest ticket price of £5, which includes a glass of wine or juice on arrival. Just enter 'Student' in the 'Promotional Code' field. 

Recent events

Past Presidents Lunch

15 Past Presidents and the current President of the OBs' Society had lunch at Failand on 11 February. Three former members of staff and two Headmasters are included in this line up.

Old Bristolians' London Dinner - 11 May 2016

Painters' Hall, London

Pre Dinner Champagne Reception & Nibbles




Mrs Rachel Axcell 1985 - 1992               Mr Michael Barnes 1944 - 1955               Mrs Sarah Bar
Mr Keith Carmichael 1940 - 1946          Mr Graham Coy  1971 - 1974                   Miss Ellen Fielder 2006 - 2015
Mrs Anna Freeman 2013 -                     Mr Justin Harford                                     Mr Fraser Inglis 

Mr Peter Jakobek 1982 -                         Mrs Sue Jakobek                                       Mr Robert Lacey  1951 - 1962
Mr Nicholas Levens 1981 - 1990            Mr Rod Mackinnon 2007 -                       Mr Shanuk Mediwaka 2009 -
Mrs Janet Mitchell                                  Mr Richard Parsons 1958 - 1968              Mr John (Dave) Perkins 1954 - 1962

Mr Richard Peters 1985 - 1992               Miss Susan Poole                                      Dr Anisur Rahman 1971 - 1982
Mr Philip Revill 1969 - 1998                   Miss Anna Robinson 2007 - 2015             Mr Ian Rolling  1970 - 2007
Mr Chris Scoggins 1971 - 1981              Sir Rabinder Singh 1972 - 1981               Mr Richard Smith 1954 - 1965

Mr Tom Stoodley  2009 - 2015                 Mr John Tanner  1945 - 1953                  Mr Adam Thomas  1984 - 1991
Mr Oliver Tonkin 1985 - 1992                 Mr Romesh Vaitilingam 1973 - 1980        Sir Mark Warby  1966 - 1976
Mr David Watts  1945 - 1955                   Dr Geoffrey Wright 1956 - 1966               Sir Nicholas Wright 1954 - 1961

Mr David Yeandle 1964 - 1971                 Lady Wright                                               Mr Kevin Harris   1978 - 1984
Alderman Tim Hailes 1980 - 1986           Mrs Lynne Bolton                                      Mr Marcus Banbury 1977 - 1984
Mr Steven Lansdown  1977 - 1984          Mr Adam Warby 1972 - 1978                    Mrs Anne Bradley 1994 -

Mr Michael Burmester 1953-1964          Mr John Bradley  1990 - 1999

OB Memory Day 11 November 2015

To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War II we were delighted to welcome back over 40 Old Bristolians who had lived through the war.

The day started with Remembrance Service swiftly followed by a fantastic hour where our World War II Alumni shared their experiences of war
time living with some of the younger members of our School Community. Ration books appeared, alongside pictures from the period and many vivid memories of
walking up Park Street amongst the bombed out buildings.

It was a wonderful experience for our current pupils and we are very grateful to the Old Bristolians who took the time to return to School and share their memories.






For more photos click here

Class of 2014 Reunion Lunch

On Wednesday 9 September 2015 the Class of 2014 returned to School for lunch in the Great Hall. It was lovely to catch up with so many former pupils and hear news of their first year of University and Gap Year adventures.




Old Bristolians' London Dinner 2015

Painter's Hall on 13 May 2015.


Annual Dinner 2015


More pictures here

Nethercott Room Opening

In early October we were delighted to welcome back over 30 of our donors to School for the opening of the Nethercott Room.



We were privileged to have Keith Robbins OB (historian) to give us a short talk on the history of the Science wing which was opened 100 years ago by Dame Janet Stancomb-Wills. This was followed by lunch in the Great Hall, an event that our guests clearly enjoyed – many having last dined here over 50 years ago! The day was rounded off with a short recital from the Junior School choir, Cantata and a fantastic drama performance from Angus Bell as Toad of Toad Hall.

Last year thanks to legacies and donations we received over £350,000 – vital funds that supported both bursary provision and capital improvements including refurbishment of our science laboratories. Thank you to all those who help make this possible.

Click here to see Bristol Post article.

Class of '63

A great reunion lunch was held at the Bristol Golf Club on Monday 29 September, well attended and much enjoyed by members of the Class of '63 - Geoff Bolland, Bob Heath, David Powell, Martin Evans, Mike Burmester, David Proops and Barrie Dudbridge.

See a few photos below



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